What does subject to confirmation mean?


It means that the property is being offered to the highest bidder subject to the seller accepting or rejecting the bid. This is especially applicable when the reserve price has not been met.


Auction FAQs


What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the lowest price in which a seller is willing to sell a vehicle. If bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price, the seller isn’t obligated to sell.

Who is Hammer and Tongues Auctioneers


From its inception in 1999, Hammer & Tongues Auctioneers has grown into a household name and one of the country’s fastest growing brands. Our unique trailblazing vision paralleled by an unending desire to offer effective relevant solutions in the markets we serve has catapulted us to nationwide dominance, surpassing both our predecessors and contemporaries as the country’s auctioneers of choice.

Our expertise has seen us conduct auction sales far and wide in areas such as Chiredzi, Hwange, Victoria Falls, Mutare, Glendale and Chegutu. We have successfully conducted sales for a wide range of individuals and companies in different industries including The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Embassies, Banks, Insurance houses and many other organisations. We have also held sales on behalf of leading liquidators amongst them KPMG, Tudor Consultants, Grant Thornton Camelsa, the Sheriff and Petwin Executors.

Hammer and Tongues Auctioneers has branches in Harare, Bulawayo & Lusaka, Zambia.

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When Our Hammer Falls, The Market Jumps!

What’s so exciting about auctions?


Auctions give us a chance to potentially acquire something we want for a price lower than we thought we’d pay for it. In some cases, it can become competitive, and there’s the adrenaline rush of bidding against an opponent to see who will ultimately win the item or property. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with winning an auction.

Auctions bring a diverse group of people together who might not normally be in each other’s presence, so they’re social occasions. Whether online or in-person, auctions typically involve several people, so there’s a sense that you’re part of a group that’s all vying for the same thing. The ultimate question is this: who will get that thing?

Hearts beat faster. People have to catch their breath. Whispers can often be heard at auctions. Decisions must be made, often quickly. Should a person be purely rational in their approach to winning an auction, betting with their head? Or should they be emotional and bet with their heart, as long as their pocket can back it up?

Since timing is always an issue with auctions, that alone causes excitement. Will a person make a big bid at the last minute, surprising everyone else? Will something that you thought no one would want end up going for more money than you ever thought possible? That sense of unknown coupled with an “anything’s possible” mentality helps make the auction process quite exciting.

Hammer and Tongues Auctioneers holds exciting auctions!

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From vehicles to  household goods, machinery and equipment you are spoilt for choice!

”When our hammer falls, the market jumps.”